Computer System Product Realization

Your Product Development Partner

Axym Design specializes in providing the resources that you need in order to deliver your product ideas. From concept to prototype, we can help you architect, design, and validate your system. We can also assist you in transitioning your prototype designs into production, using both on-shore and off-shore manufacturing resources.

Flexible Engagement

Our model is one of flexible engagement. We can provide the expertise to complement your internal design resources. Alternately, we can provide a turnkey product development starting from basic product concept or from detailed specifications.

If working from a product concept, we will assist you in producing a set of specifications that will ensure that all of your product requirements are met. In all cases we make sure that you know exactly what to expect from the development process.

Design Philosophy

Axym Design integrates design team members based upon the various skills required for a project. Unlike most contract placement firms, our team members have collaborated on a large number of designs. The majority of our specialists have ten or more years of development experience in their domain of expertise.

We differentiate ourselves by providing the most cost-effective development process, without compromising quality. We can leverage both local and offshore development resources during the appropriate phases of each project. Instead of redeveloping costly software functionality, we can help select, modify, integrate and support major open source components as part of an overall system.

Regardless how the development tasks are assigned, communications are always facilitated by having local project management and customer contacts.